Our Team

We have several different teams with specific tasks to make sure your project goes smoothly and with minimal hassle. Each side is an expert and is there to serve you better. Innovative Builders wants to help you understand how our company operates so that you know what you can expect throughout the process. It will also help you get to see a bit more about us as a company.

Project Managers

Your Project Manager is your direct contact who has the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closure of your project to make sure they schedule every aspect and follow through to your exact specifications. They work on both insurance claims as well as personal home improvement projects.

When it comes to an insurance claim project, your Project Manager will help you with the onsite aspects of the claim. To get the process started, scheduling a time to meet with your insurance claim adjuster and afterward go through an extensive process of identifying all the damage done. Your Project Manager will create a detailed scope of work of the complete claim and ensure that it represents the total damage done and submit their findings to our Claims Management team and Production Department.

For personal home improvement projects, our PMs are there every step of the way. First, they’ll meet with you and identify your needs and wants, which is an in-depth process where both of you go through what you have envisioned in your mind. After talking about it and writing down every detail, they’ll review the work that you are wanting done to make sure that everything is understood correctly. Afterward, we’ll write up the estimate for you to review and confirm the work scope. Once you have approved everything, the PM can submit it to our Production Team. However, the PM doesn’t stop there. They are there every step of the way to make sure you are comfortable and pleased with the progress to completion.

Claims Management Team

Innovative Builders has handled thousands of property insurances claims over the years because of Colorado weather, which is why this team is essential to our company since its sole responsibility is to deal with insurance companies. The first step they do when dealing with your insurance carrier is to review the entire claim adjusters estimate to ensure complete accuracy, and that they are paying out entirely for the cost of your property restoration project. Any differences will be corrected when they submit an accurate cost bid of all work to be performed by our company. This realistic cost bid is then negotiated upon all while our production team begins your projects pre-work planning.

Within our Claims Management Team, we have an Account Coordinator. This member follows up on differences between all estimates and what the insurance is willing to pay to catch any discrepancies. From there, they attempt to get them to pay out on the full amount, which is essential concerning the project but also the client. We understand that insurance companies can be ungenerous at times, and you shouldn’t be the one to bite the bullet. There are a lot of costs associated with property restoration projects, so we appreciate that they also help identify any missing values and bill accordingly.

Production Team

Our Production Team makes all of the magic happen. Reviewing the work order and verifying the start date of your specific project first and planning a completion time. From there, they do the hefty job of scheduling different trades as well as procuring all the materials that will be needed. Since a project has so many aspects and trades coming through, they must plan the delivery of building materials appropriately. In all of these different jobs tackled, they go through and make sure that the work has been completed in its entirety and perform its periodic quality control inspections. They remain in constant communication with Project Managers and the Claims Department to coordinate live updates and project progress.

Customer Service Department

Our Customer Service Department is essential in making sure that everything is running smoothly between the office and our field representatives. After reviewing your project file, they will contact you to introduce themselves and answer additional questions. If there is a question they cannot answer, they’ll direct you to the right people within the company. We make sure that the questions you have are thoroughly responded to by a person who knows what is going on with your project.

Once your project is complete, this part of our team does all of our follow-ups. They want to be sure that everything is precisely how you want it and that there isn’t anything we missed. Finally, they will mail the final packet of information, which includes your warranties. In total, what you can expect from this aspect of our team is that when you call the office, they are the first ones you’ll talk to and the last ones you’ll thank for making sure everything is to your liking.

Permit Department

Our Permit Department has the laborious task of making sure that all the needed permits are filed and followed through on with scheduled inspections, which is essential to be able to start and finish any project. Along with the licenses, they are also in charge of engineered drawings and filing them with the city for approval.

Administrative Team

Our Admin Team is running 24/7. They are focused and concerned with the processes around which our business operates. This connection is where the relationship between management and admin exists. They are the department that establishes our procedures, policies, plans, objectives, and goals to come up with an essential organizational framework.

With our expert team, we can make sure that you get the home repairs or upgrades that you need. You can count on us for a quality job done in a timely fashion. If you have any other questions about how our company works or our process, then don’t hesitate to give us a call today! We would love to answer any questions that you may have.