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Painting may seem like an easy job, but if you have to paint a large portion of your home, it’s easier, faster, and safer to leave it to the professionals.

Innovative Builders is proud to partner with Sherwin-Williams. We choose supplies based on what will provide the highest quality and longest-lasting results. That is why for all of our painting projects, we trust Sherwin-Williams. Since 1866, Sherwin-Williams has been the go-to for exceptional coverage, rich color, and results that last.

Paint helps to seal a house, acting as an additional barrier from the elements, and helps to prevent rot and slow aging of your home. That is why it so important to do it right.

Much more goes into properly painting the exterior of a home than simply taking a paintbrush to your siding.

It can sometimes take special equipment and techniques to make sure that your home does not look like someone spent half of an afternoon with a watercolor brush. It should look well thought out and evenly coated. It should be immediately apparent that someone had the skill and took the time to make sure it was done right.

In addition to the added protection and confidence in the quality of the work done on your home, it can actually be a safety hazard to paint yourself. 2 of the 5 most common Do It Yourself (DIY) injuries are due to ladder-related accidents and breathing in fumes from paint and household chemicals. Professionals have the safety equipment and experience they need to prevent injuries.

For painting information, call our office or look on our blog for DIY painting safety tips and tricks from the pros.

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Our motto has always actively been, "Distinction starts here." With that said, we continue to differentiate our approach to home contracting from all the other companies in the business.

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