Home Repair & Maintenance Services, Northeast Colorado Counties

When it comes to your home you want to make sure that you have everything in top order. That is why Innovative Builders has built its business on helping homeowners in the Northeastern Counties to make needed repairs on their homes. We understand that when a small issue is left unrepaired it ends up costing homeowners much more time and money. Our company provides homeowners quality services at affordable rates. This means that you don’t have to keep searching for a company that you can trust. This even includes counties that are far north or east. We want everyone to have affordable project and repair services for the exterior of their home.

Larimer County

There are many reasons to choose our company to help you with your home. The biggest of them all is our reputation and testimonials of the work we have done for so many homeowners already. That is why we are spreading our business to reach the residents of Larimer County. Innovative Builders is looking forward to getting to help you with any exterior needs your home may have. We can help you with siding, windows, roof, gutters and so much more!

Logan County

Your home is important. It is often the biggest investment that you have made. When it comes to your home, you put a lot of money into it throughout the years. It can be hard to know what repairs are needed to make and when. These repairs are incredibly important to make sure that your home is healthy and keeping you safe. That is why we have extended our business all the way up to Logan County. We are here to give you a free inspection of your home to see what kind of repairs need to be done. Just give us a call today!

Phillips County

Weather causes wear and tear on homes across the board. Whether it is a snowstorm, hailstorm, or just rain, over time repairs can be needed. It can be hard to tell which storms warrant having work done on your home. That is why you need a company you can trust to look at the exterior of your home in detail to make sure that there isn’t a small problem that will get bigger if left unattended. Innovative Builders is ready to do a thorough inspection of your home to help you make sure that your home is in the best condition possible.

Sedgewick County

Whether you have your home in a big city or in a rural area you should get the best when it comes to any services that you might need. This includes inevitable exterior repairs that will need taken care of over time on your home. It can be difficult to find a company that you can trust and that does quality work. That is why we have extended our business to Sedgewick County homeowners. We have built our reputation on hard quality work with each project we have done. Give us a call today if you want us to inspect your home for free!

Yuma County

When thinking about your home, you may have a lot of plans for it. However, over time is can be difficult to get these projects done when you don’t have the time or money for them. That is why we have made sure to make our prices affordable and save you the time that you don’t have to do it. Whether you want a sunroom, deck, or something else, we can help you! The residents of Yuma County don’t have to search any further for a company that they can trust to take on big projects or needed repairs.

Washington County

When it comes to your home it is really important that you keep up with any needed repairs. When repairs go unfixed, they almost always get worse and end up costing you more. Things like old caulking that is no longer sealing the exterior of your home is a simple fix. Yet when it does not get handled in a timely fashion it can cause water damage that you may not notice until months or weeks have passed. That is why it is important that you have an exterior repair team that can do free inspections! Innovative Builders is happy to be the go-to trusted business for the residents of Washington County!

Weld County

Homeowners all over the Colorado area often have to deal with all 4 seasons of the year in one day. Such sudden weather changes can bring untold damage to your home especially with the damage happening year after year. Hailstorms can the damage roof and siding of your home. The sun slowly starts to fade and wear at any paint you have on your home’s exterior. All of these can pose potential threats that lead to further, bigger damage to your home if it is not taken care of. Knowing this, Innovative Builders has built its business on helping people with these exact needs in mind. We are happy to say that we also bring our services to the residents of Weld County.

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