Should You Have Your Roof Worked on During Winter

Should You Have Your Roof Worked on During Winter

When discussing the topic of roofing in the Wintertime, there are lots of misconceptions. But the reality is that sometimes roofing emergencies occur even in the Winter. If that is the boat you find yourself in, what are your options? Is it not an option to have your roof fixed in the colder season? The Innovative Builders team is going to delve into this subject with you.

Should You Roof in Winter?

One of the common misconceptions about roofing in cold weather is that the sealant for the shingles will not adhere properly. But this is not the case. While there are some special considerations to be made when roofing during colder temps, it is still possible to accomplish. And in some cases, it may even be a more desirable time to get the work done.

So, what is the deal with the shingle sealant? Well, the most common shingle on American homes is the asphalt shingle. Each individual shingle has a strip of sealant or glue on them that adheres to the base of your roof. During warmer temperatures, the glue activates in response to the warmth and basically seals itself. When those warmer temperatures are not present, the roofing crew must hand seal every shingle in place. As you can imagine, this can be a very tedious job. But the result is a much more thorough application. When shingles are hand sealed, you can be confident that none of them will become loose or go missing. So, in this aspect, having your roof done in Winter can prove to be a more desirable time.

Hand sealing shingles, however, is not something that everyone wants or knows how to do. So, having roofing work done in the Winter can help you weed out less experienced contractors. Experienced roofing contractors know how to hand seal and will follow the guidelines set out by the manufacturer as far as recommended application techniques. Less qualified contractors may offer temping pricing for your job. Many under qualified contractors do experience a slump during the cooler months and offer deals to compensate. But the reality is that a reputable contractor is generally always busy, even in Winter. Especially when you need experienced crewmen, try to resist the temptation of a cheap deal. Your roof will thank you and so will your wallet because quality roofing work will last you decades.

If you are looking for professionals that can really deliver on their word, then look no further than Innovative Builders. We understand how frustrating finding a reputable contractor can be. Let us help you navigate the world of insurance and contracting all at once and get your home in better condition than it was before.

By Innovative Builders 12-8-2020