Common Window Problems and How to Fix Them

Common Window Problems and How to Fix Them

Windows are essential elements in our homes. They allow natural sunlight to stream in. They are a place where you can observe your surroundings or check what the outside world is like before you head out in it for the day. At the same time, they offer you protection and shelter. When they are working properly, that is. There are a few common problems homeowners experience when it comes to their windows and they can indeed be frustrating. That is why we want to share what the most common problems with windows are that we see and what you can do to fix them.

They Will Not Open

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to open a window only to realize that it won’t? A jammed window can be the result of a number of failures. If your window is not opening, take a closer look. Are there hinges that are rusted or clogged with paint or caulk? If so, that can be easily remedied by lubricating the hinges or removing the built up gunk. If it is not the hinges, it could be that the frame is warped. This can happen due to the house settling over time or from exposure to moisture. Regardless, you will need to have the frame replaced if this is the case.

They Are Drafty

Another common complaint against windows is that they are drafty. This can be an issue that is hard to ignore, especially when it is very cold out. There are potentially two reasons that your windows feel drafty. One could be that they are not properly sealed. The solution to this is to remove and replace old caulk with a new application. Alternatively, your windows could be drafty because they are old. Older windows do not have the same density that modern windows have. These single pane options are notorious for not being able to regulate the temperatures inside your home. To address this issue, new and updated windows are needed. Double or triple pane windows will cut out those drafts and ensure that outside temperatures do not affect the temperature inside your home.

They Are Too Small

Most of us value natural light. If your windows do not seem to be allowing that much in, they may be too small. A small scale solution can be to play around with different window treatments. For example, switching out blinds for light and airy curtains can make a window feel larger and allow more natural light to shine through at the same time. On a larger scale, you can just go ahead and install larger windows. Tackling this project can seem daunting, but when you work with a professional crew that you trust, it shouldn’t be. And the end result will be a dramatic improvement.

Regardless of what window related problems you are dealing with, Innovative Builders can help. Let us help you improve and upgrade your home.

By Innovative Builders 1-10-2022