Unfinished Basement Ideas

Unfinished Basement Ideas

Many Colorado homes come with unfinished basements. They usually feature concrete flooring and walls as well as exposed beams. Admittedly, these elements do not create the most inviting atmosphere. They do, however, provide a clean slate. A room where you can let your imagination take the lead. Here are some excellent ways you can transform your basement.


An unfinished basement is a great opportunity to turn unused space into a kid’s getaway. It can be a place for kids to let their imaginations run free, to build forts, and just be whatever they want to be. Interlocking foam mats can make for an easy, safe, and cheap flooring option. And installing proper lighting and toy storage can aid in making the space feel official. When it’s raining or snowing outside but your kids still need space to play, you’ll be happy you utilized your basement.

Extra Living Space

You can never go wrong creating more livable square footage. An added living room in the basement is an excellent way to do just that. With the help of some flooring, a couch, and a table, you can easily add a flexible space. For instance, it can be a quieter option for watching movies. It can be an appealing go-to for playing games. Or it can be a place where you can entertain guests with stories and cocktails.

Guest Room

Another great way you can transform your basement is by making it into an extra guest room. The basement is a great space for this, because it allows your guests additional privacy while they're staying with you. Installing a connecting bathroom can afford them added comfort as well. And even when you don’t have guests staying over, having an extra bathroom is always a good idea.

From fun to functional, there are so many different ways you can make use of an unfinished basement. That’s one of the reasons why basement remodels are some of our favorite projects here at Innovative Builders. We love meeting with clients, discussing their ideas, and making them come to life. Hire us for your basement remodel and you’ll be happy you did.

By Innovative Builders 6-2-2021