Exterior Home Spring Cleaning

Exterior Home Spring Cleaning

Making sure you keep up with the regular maintenance of your home not only keeps it pleasant in appearance, but it also ends up saving you money. Repairing something is significantly cheaper than replacing it. And while you may have already taken some time to complete a few Spring cleaning tasks inside the house, make sure not to neglect the exterior of your home! Spring arrives a little later here in Colorado, so here is a list of items you should give attention to the next time we have a nice day.


Gutters are essential to the health of your home, and not just superficially. While we are all hunkered inside during the Winter, your home is still standing guard to help you weather all Winter storms that come your way. During storms, leaves and all sorts of other debris lodge into your gutters, not allowing them to perform proficiently. Therefore, it is vital to take a look at your gutters and downspouts when Spring rolls around. Make sure to clear away any debris and make note of and fix any missing screws or bowing that you may come across.


Colorado experiences over 300 days of sunshine a year. Let that sunshine in by cleaning your exterior window surfaces. Grab some soap and a long-handled squeegee and do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Either way it is a good practice to clean the outside of your windows at least twice a year. This not only helps them be spot free, but it gives you an opportunity to rid the area of any nests and assess the window casings for any damage.


Your house is a place where you make memories. You feel protected inside your home because, well, that's part of its job. A large way this is accomplished is by means of your siding. A way you can thank your siding for the job it does is by taking care of it. Be sure to add cleaning this to your list of to-dos. You can do so with some pressure from your garden hose. A power washer may be too much for this area of the home.

If when you are walking your property and ticking off these tasks you find that the structural integrity of some areas of your home is lacking, be sure to reach out to Innovative Builders today! We are experts at repairing and improving your home in all ways. From painting, to siding replacement, to roof repair, and so much more.

By Innovative Builders 5-10-2021