All About Cedar Siding

All About Cedar Siding

At Innovative Builders, we have repaired, replaced, and upgraded many home sidings in the Denver metro area. Just take a look at our gallery of past projects to see some of the homes we’ve worked on! One of the most interesting siding materials is probably cedar. It offers such a timeless and charming look. But is it the best siding material to use? Here are some facts about cedar siding that you should know to help you decide if this material is right for your home.

Cedar Offers Great Insulation

If you are in the Denver area like our team is, you know that Colorado temperatures can fluctuate quite a bit. Which means that making your home well insulated is a must. Wood is naturally great at insulating and that is true when it is used as siding as well. If you choose cedar siding, you can take advantage of this quality to keep your home comfortable.

Cedar Is Hardy

Cedar siding is also extremely hardy, which is why you will commonly see it used up north. Harsh rain, snow, sun, or storms are no match for cedar. It is very resistant to rot and decay regardless of weather.

Cedar Can Be Stained and Painted

Cedar is also great because it can be stained and painted. Other plastic-based siding materials can fade over time, and cedar is not impervious to fading either, but since it can be painted or stained, its look can be restored.

Cedar Comes In a Variety of Forms

Another benefit to cedar siding is the variety you can choose from. There are different types of cedar that have different colors and properties. Additionally, they can be constructed in a multitude of ways to suit any style. Some cedar has a similar look as vinyl siding. Or vinyl siding has a similar look to cedar, rather. Some cedar can give your home a more woodland fairytale look. And some cedar constructions, like cedar shake, offer superior weather resistance.

Ultimately, cedar siding is a sturdy and beautiful material that has been used for centuries. If the unique qualities of cedar siding appeal to you, reach out to Innovative Builders today. And even if you read this and decided that cedar siding is not for you, we would still love to help you with your siding needs!

By Innovative Builders 7-8-2022