How to Reduce Condensation in Your Sunroom

How to Reduce Condensation in Your Sunroom

Left unchecked, condensation can cause damages to the windows and the walls in your sunroom. During winter, there are higher chances of condensation developing. Inside the house, condensation happens as the warm air from the sunroom condenses on the cold walls. At Innovative Builders, we want you to be able to enjoy all the advantages of a sunroom while avoiding any negatives that you can. So today, we are going to share with you some ways that you can reduce pesky condensation from developing and damaging your property.

What are the causes of interior condensation in the sunroom?

During winter, people tend to keep their heating system on in the morning and the evening. Due to the heat, humidity in the air then condenses on your cold walls. Other activities at home such as showers, cooking, and drying clothes also release warm air, which lands on your walls.

You may not even notice the condensation at first, but if you do not address it, you could end up with mold growing on your ceiling, wall, and around the window.

How do you reduce condensation on your walls?

At times it is hard to avoid condensation to the wall, most especially during winter. But there are ways to reduce condensation and prevent damages in your house.

1. Avoid using the humidifier

Winter is usually a drier time for many areas of the country and so many people attempt to offset that by using a humidifier. Since one of the main contributors of condensation development is humidity, it is advisable to try and reduce the amount of time you are using the humidifier.

2. Use a dehumidifier

If you begin to notice a build up of humidity in your sunroom, putting a dehumidifier to use may be worthwhile. If you do not want to invest in one, however, there are specialty products that you can hang near the windows that will absorb the excess humidity in the room instead.

3. Install window insulation kits

When you hire Innovative Builders to install a sunroom addition to your home, you are already getting a 4-season sunroom. We use only the highest quality windows along with the best insulation available so that you can feel comfortable in your sunroom all year long. If you have a pre-existing sunroom, however, lack of proper insulation may be allowing excess condensation to form. For that reason, beefing up your insulation with a window insulation kit could prove valuable.

4. Raise the temperature around the house

It is advisable to slightly raise the temperature in the house as a way of controlling condensation. You can use curtains, blinds, or drapes to raise the temperature of the window.​

5. Keep the window open

If it is not too cold outside, opening a window to allow air flow can be enough to dissipate excess condensation as well.

Condensation happens. But with these tips, you can know how to combat it. If you have a sunroom idea that you wish to bring to life, give Innovative Builders a call! We would love to discuss ideas with you.

By Innovative Builders 2-15-2021