Composite Vs Natural Wood Decks

Composite Vs Natural Wood Decks

We have some of the best weather here in Colorado. With cool evenings, an extremely high percentage of sunny days every year, and the view of the sun setting or rising behind the mountains, it is just such a joy to be outside. If you are longing to enjoy more of these kinds of scenes, a deck is the perfect way to do so.

Like with any project though, there are many different materials and methods you can choose from to get the job done. When it comes to decks, one major decision for you to make is whether to use natural wood or composite material. We have built our fair share of decks here at Innovative Builders, so we know a thing or two about both sides of the coin. So, whether you are starting a new deck project or are remodeling an older one, we can help you review the benefits of each one, so that you can choose which one is right for you.

Composite Decks

So, what exactly is composite decking? This material is made up of a combination of plastics and wood particles. If you are someone with little time on your hands for upkeep, then this type of deck may suit you. If you have family pets as well, a composite deck may also be more appealing to you because you can purchase scratch resistant boards. UV protected boards are available as well, which additionally is a great way to keep maintenance cost down.

Price point wise, on the lower end, these boards will typically be hollow. Hollow boards can be nice because they expand and contract less with fluctuating temperatures, but the downside is that they are prone to hold onto water, which can eventually warp them over time. On the higher end, boards will be solid. Although these ones have a greater tendency to expand and contract, they are stronger and come in an array of realistic styles.

Considering that there are pros and cons to both cheaper and more expensive composite decking, ultimately this is a fantastic option if you are looking for something easy. The initial cost of a composite deck will likely run you a bit more than a natural one, but with the cost of maintenance reduced over the years, you may find this one to be especially appealing.

Natural Wood Decks

The look, smell, and feel of stepping onto a natural wood deck is a pleasantly familiar experience. Natural wood also does well in complimenting the whole Colorado aesthetic too. And even though natural wood does require a bit more maintenance overall, at least most of us know the main points on how to take care of wood.

The type of wood you choose in the beginning will ultimately determine the kind of upkeep needed afterwards. For instance, a cheaper wood like Southern Pine, will be more likely to warp and rot, whereas a pricier option, such as Mahogany, is much more durable and less susceptible to warping and rotting. So, clearly, choosing a cheaper wood option for installation may not necessarily pay off in the end.

Some other considerations you may want to note, may be what kind of weather your deck will be exposed to, if you have trees shading your deck from the elements, or if you are planning to invest a lot of time in maintaining your deck. Considering these factors will help you in deciding which type of material to choose in the end.

Any kind of decision making can prove to be challenging. Especially when there are benefits and downfalls to both sides, as there are with composite material and natural wood decking. We hope that along with this analysis of both materials, however, that you are equipped to make the right call for you. If you have more questions about decking or you need someone to install one for you, don’t forget that Innovative Builders is only one call away! We would be happy to give you a free estimate.

By Innovative Builders 8-5-2019