Ways to Upgrade Your Deck Area

Ways to Upgrade Your Deck Area

Innovative Builders works hard to skillfully repair and if needed, replace your deck so that you can enjoy it. With over 300 days of sunshine and cool evenings, Summer in Colorado is the perfect place to take advantage of a deck area. If your deck is looking a little ho-hum, here are a few ways that you can upgrade your outdoor space.

Create a Bar

Relaxing with a refreshing drink outside is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Take your gathering to the next level by installing an outdoor bar. You can get creative with your layout but using similar wood colors and materials as your existing deck will create a seamless transition. Building onto the interior ledge of your deck will allow your drink station to blend into its natural surroundings.

Add Greenery

One of the easiest ways to brighten up your deck area is to showcase some lively plants. A few well-placed ornamental varieties will make your space look fresh and inviting. While growing some fresh herbs or even vegetables will amp up your cooking and offer a nice fragrance when outside.

Play with Color

Not everyone has or wants a deck that takes up a lot of backyard space. Even so, you can give the illusion that your deck is grander than it is by changing up the color. Painting your deck, the same or a similar color as the exterior of your home will make it appear as if it is a natural extension of your house.

Add a Privacy Screen

If you would enjoy sitting outside more if you did not have to deal with nosey neighbors, why not consider adding a privacy screen around your deck? A simple wooden slat screen will provide you privacy and a bit more shade without sacrificing personal style.

Take Advantage of Trees

Leaving your deck exposed to the elements can hasten deterioration, while it can also leave you and your guests open to winds and rain. Not everyone wants to fully enclose their deck, but that does not mean that you are without options. If you happen to have a mature tree or two in your backyard, consider building your deck around them. This way you can take advantage of natural shade and shelter.

Making your deck area the place to be can be easy with a few thoughtful design choices. If you notice that your deck needs a little TLC, do not hesitate to give Innovative Builders a call. We would love to help get you on the fast track to enjoying your Summer to the fullest.

By Innovative Builders 7-2-2020