Why is My Vinyl Siding Warped

Why is My Vinyl Siding Warped

Vinyl siding is extremely popular among homes today. Largely because it is so durable and versatile. One common issue that befalls vinyl siding, though, is warping. Maybe you have experienced it yourself. Likely that is why you are reading this article. So, what causes siding to warp and what can you do about it? Innovative Builders can help you with the answers.

Improper Installation

Vinyl siding expands and contracts in differing temperatures. Because of this, it is imperative that it is not nailed down too tightly upon installation. To diagnose if your siding is nailed down too tightly, see if you can move them side to side at all. A properly installed panel should be able to move about a half an inch to allow room for mild fluctuations.

Proper installation also allows room for the panels to move slightly by windows and the roof. If panels are placed too closely to these areas, you will get warping. If you notice only warping next to areas such as windows, this is most likely your problem.

Vinyl siding also has long, oval shaped openings where it is to be nailed to your home. If the nails are not placed precisely in the middle of these slots, warping can also occur. Placing nails directly in the center of these slots additionally allows the panels to fluctuate.

Too Much Heat

Of course, if you live somewhere with extreme temperature fluctuations from season to season, you may more readily notice a problem with warping. In addition, there are other sneaky heat sources that may be contributing to the warping of your siding without you even knowing.

One such source could be your grill. Always be sure to keep your grill at a safe distance from your siding. The heat from grills can definitely cause warping, or even melting of your siding.

Darkly colored paint could also be responsible for your buckling siding. Because dark colors tend to attract more heat than lighter ones, your paint choice could have an unfavorable effect on your vinyl. If you did not notice warping before you painted your home, but do afterwards, a dark color choice may be at fault.

Other factors that may be impacting the structural integrity of your vinyl siding could include using poor quality materials, as well as shifts in foundation. So, you should keep those considerations in mind as well when trying to pinpoint your siding issues.

Most of the issues discussed in this article are actually a result of DIY siding installations. It seems like an easy enough project to do on your own, but as you may have noticed, it is a bit more technical than some anticipate. If you want to opt for a professional to install your siding instead, call Innovative Builders today! We install and even repair siding. If you need to change that dark color on your home too, we can help! We are qualified and ready to help you with the majority of home projects you need to get done.

By Innovative Builders 1-2-2020