The Problems Your Exterior Home Paint Job Can Face

The Problems Your Exterior Home Paint Job Can Face

The outside of your home shields you from the elements. But after some time, this barrage of rain, snow, hail, and wind can take its toll, especially on your home’s paint job. Making sure that your home’s paint is not failing is critical not only to maintaining curb appeal, but also to prevent more serious damage to your home. That is why we want to discuss exterior paint problems to look out for so that you can fix them before they can allow rot and decay to develop.


The first problem you may notice is peeling. This can happen for several reasons. Perhaps the old paint was not sufficiently scraped away and removed before the new coat was applied. Or it may be that moisture found its way underneath the paint, thus causing peeling as it works its way out. Another reason for peeling could be a lack of primer. If primer was not used before painting a glossy surface, this will cause peeling.

To prevent peeling from happening, make sure the surface is power washed, clean, and free of paint chips. Peel off peeling sections of paint and use sandpaper to make all areas smooth and flush with one another. Fix gutters so that water is driven away from your home’s siding. And lastly, don’t forget to prime. Or make sure that your contractor does not neglect to prime.


The next issue exterior paint can experience is blistering. The main reason this happens is when freshly painted surfaces are exposed to dew, humidity, or rain. Another reason can be due to painting over areas that are not properly cleaned. The presence of dirt or grease will prevent proper and even adhesion of paint. And finally, you may see this happen when you paint when it is just too hot. Either the surface itself is too hot at the time of painting or the fresh paint is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

To avoid blistering, resist the temptation to paint late into the evening when dew sets in. Always make sure that the surface area is cleaned well before applying paint. If the surface of the home feels too hot to the touch, it is best to hold off painting until things have cooled down some.

Painting is one of those projects that seems easy, but, there is a lot of skill and forethought that goes into making a paint job look perfect. If you want to avoid the frustration that result from peeling and blistering paint, contact Innovative Builders. We will paint your home right the first time.

By Innovative Builders 4-6-2022